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If you haven't tried any of our FUR products then you are missing out. Each and every FUR product we carry here at CHIC is absolutely AMAZING.  FUR cares for your pubic hair and skin so you can forget all about those ingrowns, bumps, and any irritation. The packaging is chic and the smell is to die for, but most importantly FUR works. Can you think of a more perfect gift FUR THE HOLIDAYS?

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Fur oil is made up of multiple lightweight oils including grape seed, tea tree, and clary sage oil. This oil softens hair and clears pores to prevent ingrowns and promote healthier skin. Here at CHIC we recommend using this product daily for the best results. This product can also be used on head hair, beard, underarms, chest, and legs. Fur oil is a waxer's best friend.

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Stubble cream is hands down the best aftershave product you will ever try! This cream softens prickly regrowth and protects the pubic skin, it's a great product for those who wax, shave, or laser. This product is made up of safflower seed & olive extracts, shea butter, and tea tree oil that will provide a dry finish after it has been applied. We recommend using this product daily for the best results. Stubble cream can also be used on the face, underarms, chest, and legs.





This ingrown concentrate is the perfect spot solution to stop those annoying ingrown hairs. Not only does it stop ingrowns, it also soothes razor burn, redness, and any irritation. When purchasing this product you receive an exfoliating finger mitt to use in shower for added efficacy. We recommend using this spot solution when needed. As the other products it usable on the face, eyebrows, and neck.