Lash Training with CHIC

Here at CHIC we offer both Classic and Volume lash extension training. This is a one on one training - one instructor per student.

Requirements for Training: 

•Must hold a current beauty license


•Be enrolled in beauty school

*Most states require a license to perform lash extensions*


This training includes a classic lash training kit, detailed manual, live lash demo, and live model practice.





Lash kits include enough supplies for you to make back the money for the class once you start taking clients!


You will also receive a personal discount code for all future orders on lash supplies from Chicsincity. You are able to order online or pick it up in-store.




Why be CHIC certified?

Once you are CHIC certified you will continue to receive support from your trainers. CHIC trainers are here to answer any questions that may come up when you start taking clients of your own and they look forward to being apart of the career path that you've decided to take on!


If you are interested in become CHIC certified, send us an email at